The Cairo Martyrs Memorial Fund created this website and runs it. It fulfills the Fund’s mission to provide reliable information about the events, which became known as “the Affair” , as well as about those who were sentenced and imprisoned in Egypt. The website also offers additional sources of information on the subject.

It is a charitable body operating under the auspices of the IICC. The Israel Intelligence Heritage (IICC) in Gliloth. The Fund is dedicated to the commemoration of the prisoners who stood trial in Cairo. The Fund strives to cherish their lifework and legacy.
The information and details which appear in the website, are based on academic research as well as on personal interviews, which were held with the Cairo prisoners. The biography chapters were confirmed and authorized by the living Cairo prisoners, or by their families.

The website contains visual and video materials, including archival clips and TV shows. It also features authentic interviews with the Cairo prisoners who share their story, starting from when they were recruited for the network’s units and until after their release from jail in Egypt. You may also find audio radio recordings in the website. The website presents photos and pictures of the Cairo prisoners, which were taken on various occasions along their lives; as well as artworks they created: paintings, drawings and sculptures from before their arrest, during their imprisonment and after their release. Most of the artworks describe life in prison.
The website outlines the Cairo Martyrs Memorial Fund’s goals and activities.

We support research

The foundation encourages and supports research work in specific issues. Please see more details on the page about the fund’s goals. BA and Ma students, who wish to write academic works, which discuss these subjects, can submit their academic work, and apply in order for the Fund to review their eligibility for a scholarship. Similarly, high school pupils, who write their final personal written assignment (which is equivalent to a 5-point final exam), can apply as well.
This site is continually updated. Please contact us with any new research, publications, cases, policy initiatives or other relevant information.
If you have any comments about the usability of the site, or know of any information which could be added to it, please contact us.
We invite you to share with us your comments, questions and thoughts and will do our best to respond as swiftly and as accurately as possible.
Please bear in mind, complete and clear answers are not always available, for several details and aspects concerning this affair remain concealed.

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