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Unveiling the Memorial Plaque at the Egyptian Jewish Heritage Center


A moving event took place on Thursday, 10 March, 2022, when the  
The Egyptian-Jewry Heritage Center in Tel-Aviv, together with the Cairo Martyrs Memorial Foundation, organized a special gathering, and unveiled a commemorative plaque. The plaque was set in remembrance of the four Egyptian-born Jews, who had sacrificed their lives for the State of Israel, since the state was established:

  1. Jacques Levy (Al-Aghlatti). Jacques served in the British Army during World War II in an explosive’s unit, and thus became an expert in decommissioning bombs. On 22 September, 1948, Jacques was killed while trying to neutralize a cart bomb in the Jewish quarter of Cairo.
  2. Eli Cohen, an Alexandria-born, who during the first half of the 1960s acted on a Mossad’s covert mission in Syria. Cohen provided the IDF with valuable, priceless information, that was helpful in preparing for the Six-Day War. Eli Cohen was captured and hanged in Damascus on 18 May, 1965.
  3. Dr. Moshe Marzouk, commander of the Cairo cell that acted on behalf of Unit 131 as part of “The Nasty Affair”. When captured, Dr. Marzouk accepted full responsibility for operating the cell, even though at that time, he was no longer in duty, and took no part in its’ operation. Dr. Marzouk was hanged in Cairo, on 31 January 1955, (Jewish date: 8 Shvat, 5715).
  4. Engineer Samuel Azar, commander of the Alexandrian cell that acted on behalf of Unit 131 as part of “The Nasty Affair” and accepted full responsibility for the cell he had previously commanded, even though he was no longer in this position. Samuel Azar was hanged in Cairo on 31 January 1955. (Jewish date: 8 Shvat, 5715).

The names of the members of the two cells’, who were trapped in the “The Nasty Affair”, and then imprisoned for many years in Egyptian prison also appear on the sign: The late: Victor Levi, Mayer Meyohas, Marcelle Ninio-Boger, and Philippe Nathanson. And may they live long and good – Robert Dassa (age 89), and Mayer Zafran (93 and a half years old). Robert Dassa and Mayer Zafran attended the event. Their presence was a source of joy, and sparked curiosity and excitement among the guests.

Following the plaque unveiling, the following speakers greeted the guests:

Prof. Nahem Ilan, head of the Cairo Martyrs Memorial Fund; Mr. Yossi Tam, Chairman of the Association of Immigrants of Egypt; Dr. Yaron Friedman, who is married to Jack Levy’s granddaughter; Ms. Ella Shoshana, director of the Cairo Martyrs Memorial Fund; Mr. Shavit Ben-Arieh, Director of the Culture and Heritage Conservation Division of the Ministry of Culture.

Ms. Levana Zamir, chairwoman of the International Organization of Egyptian Jews in Israel, hosted and directed the event.

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