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Remembering Meir (Max) Bineth – A memorial ceremony

On December 15, 2017, the “Lovers of Jerusalem” hiker circle, held a ceremony in the loving memory of Meir Bineth.
Michelle Bineth Dagan, Meir’s daughter, attended the event. Held on the fourth day of Hanukkah, the moving ceremony took place by the Hanukkiah-shaped Cenotaph, which commemorates Bineth’s name.
Artist Yuval Lupan sculptured the monument, which is located at the end of Nahal Kdumim Street, in Kfar Hasidim, where Meir Bineth underwent his Haganah training.

We invite you to watch the video.


Michelle Dagan Bineth at Her Father’s Memorial Service, by the Monument in his Memory at Kfar Hassidim

Ovadia Yerushalmi's Book Launch and the awarding of a research grant

A reception was held om July 2, 2017, upon the publishing of Ovadia Yerusalmi’s book: “The Five Long Minutes”, about Jews in Egypt, 1967-1970 – During the Six Day War and after the War: Arrests and Uprooting.
The full room event, took place at the IICC in cooperation with The Cairo Martyrs Memorial Fund. In front of the many guests, the fund which granted Journalist Yerusahlmi with a research grant for his book.
Guest speakers discussed various perspectives related to the years the book discussed and how the book came about.
During the fascinating, moving evening, Yerusalmi’s personal life story was unfolded and presented in the context of the historical events of the Jews in Egypt during a painful chapter, which has now been researched, for the first time.

הענקת מענק מחקר לעובדיה ירושלמי. מימין עובדיה ולשמאלו נציג הקרן, נציב שב

Former Major-Gondar and Commissioner of Prisons Levi Shaul (Left) Granting the Research Grant to Mr. Ovadia Yerushalmi (Right)

City of Ramat Hasharon bestowed Honorary Citizenship on Robert Dassa and Yosef Marzouk.

Mayor of Ramat Hasharon, conferred honorary citizenship status to six of the city’s inhabitants. A moving ceremony was held on May 23, 2017, at ‘Yad Labanim.’
The Cairo Martyrs Foundation and IICC recommended two of the residents:
Cairo prisoner, Robert Dassa, who served fourteen years in Egyptian prison due to “the Affair” and was released in 1968. Robert was recruited in 1951 for Israeli intelligence Unit 131 and ran missions in Egypt. He was arrested in 1954, with his comrades from the Alexandria and Cairo cells, underwent torture and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment term.
Robert often holds events for youth, where he speaks about his ‘glass half full perspective’, as he calls it, of life in prison. Robert celebrates values such as devotion to the state, brotherhood, bond, proactive approach, accountability, responsibility and cooperation.
Dr. Yosef Marzouk, brother of Dr. Moshe Marzouk, who was executed in Cairo with his colleague and comrade, engineer Samuel Azar. Member of the Board and of various committees, Yosef is one of the IICC founding fathers. He was among the few who shaped the IICC work during many years.
Deeply engaged in remembrance initiatives to commemorate the victims of “The Affair”, Yosef became one of the founders of the Cairo Martyrs Fund. He also headed the foundation during many years.

הענקת תואר יקיר העיר רמת השרון לרוברט דסה מנידוני קהיר וד

City of Ramat Hasharon bestowed Honorary Citizenship on Robert Dassa and Yousef Marzouk.

A remembrance event - marking 62 years to the execution by hanging of Lt. Colonel Samuel Azar and Lt. Colonel Dr. Moshe Marzouk.

February 7, 2017

 Memorial to Lt. Gen. Dr. Moshe Marzouk and Lt. Col. Samuel Azar, February 7, 2017

A mini-seminar in commemoration of the Cairo Martyrs was held at the Hebrew Reali School, Haifa.

January 29, 2017

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